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Very well known is the Gorge of Samaria, in the south west of the White Mountain. With about 16 km one of the longest in Europe.
You need water and good shoes. If you are going by car to Omalos it will be difficult to get it back the same day. There are many bus tours from different travel offices in Chania, where you can make the reservation.

Only from May to Oktober it is possible to go through. The other months it is dangerous because of the water. 1962 declared to a national park, the inhabitants of the small village of Samaria had to move. Many flowers and animals you can see only here. Impressive the "Iron gates", the smallest part of the gorge. Only 3 m wide and to 600 m high. You have to start this trip very early in the morning. It takes 6-8 hours. The first part are stairs. At the end you will arrive in Agia Roumeli. Here you can take a bath in the Lybian Sea. Of course there are some taverns.

With the ferry boat you will make the transfer to Chora Sfakion, where the busses are waiting. The gorge is very impressive, but in summer there are so many tourists, sometimes more than 3000 the day.