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Who likes the chaos is right here. In the capital city of Crete you will find everywhere shells and new buildings. Beside the old Venetian and Turkish houses were build hotels and big modern houses. So there is not really an old town anymore.
The city is a main economic center of Crete, because about 80% of the in- and export is going through the harbor of Heraklion. Until now the most airplanes are going here. So there are a great number of hotels in the east and west of Heraklion. Nothing for relaxed holidays.

But nice for a daytrip, if you want to see the museums, Knossos or just for shopping. And of course you may like the nightlife.

The majestic fortress, 'Koules', stands by the port. It had been used for centuries not only for the protection of the city but as a prison too, with its huge dark hallways and cells.