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Probably everybody has Knossos in his mind when he hears about Crete.
With about 20.000qm the biggest minoan palace on Crete with the legend of the Minotaurus and King Minos. Even Homer has spoken about this city and the english archaeologist Evens found the ruins about 5 km from Heraklion. He "restored" many parts of the palace.

Of course it was never like that. There are three palaces, one rebuild on the older one. There are so many corridors, stairs and light wells that it is easy to understand why it's called a labyrinth.

The discovered finds you can see in the archaeologic museum of Heraklion.

Like the most of the other's, this palace was destroyed by the big catastrophe. All the paintings you can see are copies, the originals are in the museum.

For those who don't want to see just the ruins of some walls, a visit of Knossos will be very impressive.