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The plateau of Lassithi, located in the mountain of Dikti, is the granary of Crete. Protected by the surounding mountain are cultivated cereals and fruits.
The villages are on the edge of the plateau and even the road. Well known are the wind mills. In earlier times they pumped up the water. Now the most are replaced by motorpumps.

The Minoan had a settlement here. It was a good place to defence too. After the Venetians had broken the resistance here, it was not allowed to live in this area for more than 100 years. 1867 the turkish forces needed more than 40.000 soldiers to get access to the plateau.

In the village of Agios Georgios exists a museum where you can get a picture of live here in the last centuries. Further the Dikti-cave, the birthplace of Zeus, is here.