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Spinalonga is located a view kilometers from Agios Nikolaos, an islet at the entrance to the Elounda bay. In ancient times here was the fortress of the Olounites.
The Venetian built a fortress here in 1579, one of the three which remained under their rule after the Turks conquered Crete in 1669. By law of the Cretan government the island was appointed as the place of stay for the lepers in 1903.

The town of Elounda is at the end of the lagoon and there is a small bridge connecting the mainland to the larger island of Spinalonga. Two taverns are here. You can see the remains of an old sunken city.

Coming from the east the large Venetian fort on the islet of Spinalonga is easily seen. Once you round the Akrotiri of Agios Ioannis on the west you will also see the fort. The entrance to the lagoon is between the west mainland and the tip of the islet.